6 inch Cherry Bowl NATURAL EDGE BOWLS
Natural Edge Bowls are defined as those vessels that have some wood bark still remaining on the outer surface thus retaining a natural wood appearance
PLATTERS textured 14 inch Ash platter
Platters are large shallow edged plates used for displaying fruit etc. Sizes range from 10 inch to over 30 inch. In addition other specialist crudite platters are turned with special compartments for dips etc
10 inch Segmented Bowl BOWLS
Referred to as fruit or salad bowls, these are much deeper than the platter, 4 or 5 inch and up to 24 inch in diameter and finished with food safe oils. The Bowl shown is a segmented bowl combining Walnut and Maple woods.
VASES & POTS 7 inch high Cherry Bud Vase
Vases can be either natural edge or clear wood edge. Twig or Bud vases are normally small around 6 inch high and are intended for displaying dried flowers or twigs that do not require water. Larger deep hollowed vases are used for flower decoration. Included in this category are 'tea candle' pots used with scented candles and pot puree holders.

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